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Empowering Your Voice with Premier Lobbying and Cutting-Edge Technology Consulting

At Incumbent.com LLC, we understand the complexities of navigating the ever-evolving landscapes of public policy and technological advancement. Our unique blend of expert lobbying services and forward-thinking technology consulting positions us as your premier partner in shaping the future, ensuring your interests are both heard and impactful.

Lobbying Services Tailored for Tomorrow's Success

Our lobbying team brings your voice directly to the decision-makers who matter most. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the intricate workings of government and regulatory environments, Incumbent.com LLC ensures your objectives are not just recognized but prioritized. Whether you're looking to influence policy, secure favorable legislation, or navigate the complexities of government relations, our bespoke lobbying strategies are designed to deliver results that align with your long-term success.

Technology Consulting for Strategic Advantage

In the digital era, staying ahead means leveraging technology to your advantage. Incumbent.com's technology consulting services are at the forefront of innovation, ensuring your operations, strategies, and customer engagements benefit from the latest in digital advancements. From IT infrastructure analysis to the implementation of cutting-edge software solutions and cybersecurity protocols, our team ensures that your technological capabilities drive efficiency, enhance security, and create meaningful connections with your stakeholders.

Why Choose Incumbent.com?

At Incumbent.com LLC we believe the intersection of strategic lobbying and advanced technology is where real change happens. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures not only that your voice is heard in the places that matter but that your operational and strategic needs are met with the most advanced technological solutions. This dual focus amplifies your influence and positions you at the forefront of your industry.

Step into a world where your public affairs strategy is seamlessly integrated with leading-edge technology solutions. With Incumbent.com LLC, you gain a partner committed to propelling your interests forward through strategic lobbying and transformative technology consulting. Let's shape the future together.

Lex Nepomuceno

About the Founder

AS CEO and Founder of Incumbent.com, Lex Nepomuceno has leveraged his expertise to focus on the critical intersections of public affairs, strategic communications, and emerging technology. He has served as Vice President of Communications at the Association of Washington Business and Head of Communications and Technology at the Washington Hospitality Association. At these organizations, he was instrumental in propelling them to national prominence through his visionary leadership and mastery of modern communications strategies. His association, legislative, and communications background spans three decades, affording him the unique aptitude for connecting emerging technologies with communications and public affairs to further organizational goals.

Lex now leverages his depth of experience in modernizing legacy public affairs, harnessing technology innovations, and influencing the policy environment to drive change for clients. Educated in Communications at the University of Washington, Lex embodies the essence of innovation in every role he's embraced.

Organizations that engage Incumbent.com LLC will benefit from bespoke strategies that advance their mission and catapult their lobbying impact to new heights.


For more information on how we can assist you in making a larger impact in both the legislature and the digital realm, contact us today.

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